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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Inspire, Transform and Liberate

Have you been feeling tired, stressed or just feel as though something is missing?  There are many times that you search and search and try to figure out what is your purpose or your place on earth.  So many ways you can connect with self in order to seek answers, solutions and peace.  You do not necessarily need to pay for services.  However, you may not have the will power, the energy or the know how to do yoga, meditate, tai chi, etc.  In those cases, by all means join a group where you can meditate or do yoga with others.
The self is the core you where you connect with your soul.  Find peace and solutions to your everyday dilemmas.  Know that you are the creator and the author of your life.  You  have all the tools that you need in order to move along and grow and know what your purpose is in life.
You were born into this lifetime in order to accomplish a goal, a mission, a purpose.  You may have no idea what that purpose is.  Many of us do not know.  You will go through many hurdles and explore many things.  Pay attention to what feels right to you.  What are you good at?  What do you just love doing?  Is is a passion?  If yes to any of these questions then you just may have found what your purpose is in this lifetime.
As human beings, we are also spirits or souls.  It's like you have two bodies.  You have a corporal body and a spiritual body.  Sometimes they are totally disconnected from one another.  When you are disconnected you may feel lost and as though you have a stroke of bad luck.  Nothing goes well and just don't know what to do about it.  Do not be afraid of the unknown.  Do you feel comfortable where your life is today?  or Do you feel comfortable with yourself just as you are?  Little do you know that you have more potential then you know.  Don't cheat yourself.  The universe has so much more for you, but you have to want it and move on it.  Do not get stuck on being resistant to change. 
Change your mindset, change your attitude and let go of the negative emotions that are holding you back. The past is the past and you can not change it.  You do have the power to change your present and design how your future will be like.  Fear is one of the biggest obstacles you can experience and hold you back from being successful and experiencing pure happiness in your life.

I find that meditating helps you to connect with your inner self, your soul, your spirit.  By meditating, you will have calming and healing physical, emotional, and mental stress to experiencing higher levels of consciousness and achieving self-realization. All spiritual exercises share the common purpose of lifting you into higher, more subtle, refined states of awareness and perception until you break through the illusions of this world into the consciousness of the Soul.
So if you feel the need to change something in your life or about yourself, try meditating.  I like to meditate in the mornings.  I meditate so that I can be more at peace and seek guidance throughout the day.  How you wake up will set the tone for the rest of your day.  So if you wake up angry you will have a bad day. Things will happen that will make you angry and feel irritated.  Why not have a wonderful, peaceful and joyous day?
Practice meditating on a daily basis, begin to shift the energy within you and around you.  Remember, only you know what you want and your deepest desires so why not give meditation a try.  Start to connect with your inner soul and you will be surprised what you will learn and find out about yourself. ---Namaste
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